BW Sauna co. LLC

Professional & Reliable Sauna Builders in Duluth, MN

BW Sauna CO. LLC designs and builds high-quality custom saunas for residential and commercial clients. We are a family-owned and operated business located in Duluth, MN. Our team of skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail to ensure that every sauna we build is of the highest quality and provides an exceptional sauna experience. 

Impeccable Craftsmanship

We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our client’s expectations in every project we undertake. Our team's background in carpentry ensures that every sauna we build is constructed to the highest standard. As passionate sauna enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of a well-built sauna.

Trust us to be your expert sauna builders, and let us help you build your dream sauna today.

BW Sauna co. LLC
BW Sauna co. LLC

Your One-Stop Sauna Shop

We aim to provide our clients with excellent heat, flow, design, and craftsmanship in every unit we build. We pay close attention to detail and treat every build as if it were for our own personal use. We offer a variety of services, including custom sauna builds, sauna designs, and sauna products. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your sauna needs. Please click the link below to rent one of our saunas for your next adventure.

Who We Are

With a background in carpentry, we can assure you your sauna is going to be built right. As we are avid sauna users ourselves, we know what its like to use a mediocre sauna. We strive to offer great heat, good flow, great design, and great craftsmanship in every unit that goes out the door. We build every unit as if we are building it for ourselves, and our attention to detail separates us from everyone else. We are a one stop sauna shop, offering custom sauna builds/sauna design/sauna products and much more!
- We are a small, family owned business located in Duluth, MN. Our CEO, Jayson Stolp, has a passion for building custom, unique projects with a high level of quality and are built to last. With an extensive amount of experience in the building industry, he is one of the most capable people you can find to build you your very own sauna. Known as an excellent visionary, he can see the project as a whole, from the design to completion, and is an “outside the box” thinker with many different ideas. His focus is a mindset of “we can always be better, to always improve.”
- With lots of thought and design into each of the sauna builds/plan options, they are built to be well insulated, sealed from critters, maintenance free as possible, and all building practices are taken to ensure that your sauna will stay in tip top shape for many years to come. Built to withstand the harshest of winters, to allow for snow load and sealing from the elements, you will not be disappointed in your unit.
- Jayson is privileged to be around many fine people, including his brother, who owns an electrical company and also shares the shop space. Which in turn, allows BW Sauna Co to have an electrician in house to ensure that all units are built up to the standards of all NEC codes.
- Jayson brought on a childhood friend and cousin, whose name is Brandon Anderson, to come in and help with the operations of the business. With incredible attention to detail and a focus of ensuring that nothing gets missed, the saunas are done in a meticulous manner to make sure the unit looks perfect. Brandon is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is in charge of all operations within the company. These duties include product scheduling, quality control, materials ordering, and many more. With him on board, we have ensured that our units receive the same treatment, every single time.
- No matter how busy we are, we stand by our values of ensuring that every unit is built the same way, every single time.

Mobile Saunas

Mobile Saunas have many benefits. Some of these include:
- If you live on or near a lake
- Living temporarily in a home
- Like to travel
- Own a vacation rental
- Bring with you to a vacation rental
- Camping/Hunting
- No permits required
- Small backyard
- Summer/Winter cabins
- Drop down trailer for ease of access
- Campgrounds/Resorts
- Can be converted into an ice house with little to no effort
- Off grid setup
- No site prep
- And much more!

Stationary Saunas

Stationary Saunas have a place too. Sometimes it makes sense to have a sauna in a fixed location. Some of these examples may include:
- Finished/landscaped yard (can be craned onto location in most cases)
- Deck/patio space around sauna
- Hottub/Cold plunge area nearby
- Electrical/Plumbing hookups on site
- Can be custom matched to your home
- Living in your forever home
- Hosting friends/family
- More sizing options/customizations
- Add value to your home

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

We are a sauna builder. We offer completely custom sauna build, mobile or stationary. We offer sauna design and consultation. We also offer sauna products. We have units that are available to purchase, with a set design and layouts for you to choose from. Anything to do with sauna, we are the guys to call!

How much do your saunas cost?

Our saunas typically cost anywhere from $10,000-$40,000 for a custom sauna. Prices vary depending on styles/designs/size etc. See our build page for more details.

What is your lead time on saunas?

Our typical lead time for a unit is 6-8 weeks from start to finish. In the winter months, this can extend out to be 10-12 weeks as this is our busiest time of year.