Bending With The North Winds

That Minnesota fresh mossy morning air you get when you are out at the cabin. This custom sauna project brought the family a genuine work of art and a showcase of their property, right on the cliff’s edge of Lake Superior. 

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Wood burning Thermally Modified Wood | Custom outdoor sauna in Minnesota
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Step 1: Capturing The Vision

They wanted to build a truly custom sauna, unique in design, and something to take advantage of the location

Take out the chatter of the city, notifications, and the errands of life, and you find yourself in tune with where you are. That is the heart of why we wanted our custom sauna to be as connected to nature around us as possible.

Step 2: Gathering a Dream List

How Do you want to Sauna?

Ask yourself, how would I describe my perfect sauna session? Is there a shower or cold plunge? Maybe there is a nice seated area to relax and cool off between sessions with a fire? When we design a custom sauna, we work to encapsulate everything you love about sauna start to finish.

Bringing the Superior Sauna
Experience together

Step 3: Material Selection

Authentic Quality Materials

The materials we choose to build with is one of the most important decisions to make. Understanding in person the feel, texture, and even smells; it's the details that make a sauna authentically unique. We walk through every material selection with you, with quality options to fit your needs and budget.

The signature dragon-scale pattern of Thermory Ignite cladding is created by embossing and tinting thermally modified spruce wood. Unlike modern yakisugi, which is often created by hand with a torch, Ignite is produced using a deceptively flame-free process.

The natural warm and rich finish combined with the soft smooth grain of the magnolia give a perfect interior wood finish option. 

No sauna in complete without the amazing qualities of cedar. Working with long grain cedar, a higher quality, provides uninterrupted beauty with the amazing smell and long lasting quality that cedar is known for.  

thermally modified ash decking provides the best natural chemical free decking that can withstand the hard climate of the Superior lakeshore while providing the natural beauty throughout the sauna interior. 





Step 4: Functional Design

True Custom Sauna Design

Creating a custom sauna includes designing every area of the build to fit the user experience. It’s not just about a big window or a fancy stove. We go through every detail to ensure all your function and esthetic needs are met. This results in you getting your own personalized backyard home sauna.

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To produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.

Story Driven Design

Take yourself to the coldest day on the winter North Shore. The blackness of the night while you look out into the -30 degree air. The waves, never ending voice always heard but not seen. The howling of the winds caught in the jagged shore. Stepping into the dim lit warmth, the fire dancing off the windows reflection.

A sauna on the cliffs edge of Lake Superior transports you to another world. A humbling peace in the shadow of a giant.

View of Lake Superior
Home Sauna in Minneapolis

A Masterpiece

Resonating with the waves

Saunas can look all the same. It can be difficult to truly find a unique design that stretches beyond the boxed walls we have come to know. 

This project challenged us. An empty canvas with one goal in mind, design a sauna that could live up to the view it would overlook. Bringing together a custom centerpiece curved bench that would wrap around the interior space, brought us closer to the water, the rolling waves connecting the sauna to the view.   

Step 5: Build

Bringing a custom sauna to life is a truly special time.

A dream come true

A Lifetime Quality Sauna

The end result of a captivating vision, brought to life. If you have a vision you’d like to see built, give us a call with any questions and we’re more than happy to chat.