Our Story

About BW Sauna Co.

Who Are We?

BW Sauna Co. is a custom sauna company founded by Jayson (Owner) has been in the home building space for years, gathering a reputation of excellence and quality customer service. 

Why Saunas?

Saunas were founded around community and bringing people together. Jayson saw that much of the sauna industry was far out of reach for the everyday joe. The saunas that were, were flimsy. We set out to change that.    

Building Philosophy?

Integrity in everything we do.

A humble confidence that produces genuine excellence.

Adventure to step out and push ourselves to build the very best we can. 

Why Does it Matter?

When you work with BW Sauna Co. You get the highest personal customer experience.

We’ve built saunas for people across the nation, and right here in our backyard. 


Striving To Climb Every Mountain We Can Find

BW’s Founder Jayson Stolp grew up in Northern Minnesota where the active outdoor lifestyle founds its way into every home. From the sandy beaches of the south shore of Superior, to the long winding paths of the north country trail. Finding his passion in construction and fine craftsmanship he got inspired to bring this skill set to crafting custom saunas that truly represent American made

American made custom saunas in Minnesota !


What If, Quality Saunas Could Be For Everyone

“I’d say, BW’s mission is to bring the sauna experience to the people who build the cities we live in. Sauna’s shouldn’t just be for the multi million dollar mansions.”

Custom saunas should be something every day families can afford. Sauna can be a cornerstone of our peace of mind, health and rejuvenation. That’s why our saunas are made for the same communities that build them. It represents the meaningful craftsmanship that Northern Minnesota is known for.

BW Custom Saunas Bring You

A Lasting
for You
Anytime in
your day
To enhance
active health

Saunas Starts With The Right People Who Share The Right Values

Bringing hard work and a humbly confident mindset to every project. Jayson Stolp found a passion in building Saunas and seeing the joy it brings the community. BW Sauna’s are build based on the well founded reputation of his experience in construction. Customer service means truly caring and hearing out customer needs and being willing to go the extra mile. Not just shutting the door when it gets busy. We care, we work hard and our reputation can be heard from any one of our partners.

We dare you to dream, share your ideas, your what if’s and we’ll work to find a grounded path there.

Download Your BW 2024 Catalog

When you start exploring what a custom sauna could look like, you might already have that exact idea in mind: that perfect finish with a wide panorama window. Or something more true to its history, humbly nestled in the lakeside corner. Either way, we hope this catalog offers inspiration for your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Saunas

How do I choose the right size outdoor sauna for my backyard?

Consider the available space, how many people you want to accommodate, and how you plan to use the sauna. Compact models are great for small spaces, while larger models are better for entertaining guests or family use.

Are outdoor saunas suitable for all seasons in Minnesota?

Yes, outdoor saunas are designed to withstand the harsh Minnesota winters and can be used year-round. They provide a warm retreat in winter and a relaxing cool-down area during summer.

Can I install a backyard sauna by myself, or do I need professional help?

While some sauna kits are designed for DIY installation, it is often recommended to use professional services to ensure it is installed safely and complies with local building codes, especially in Minnesota where weather conditions can affect installation.

Do I need a permit to install an outdoor sauna in Minneapolis?

Yes, a building permit is typically required for outdoor sauna installations in Minneapolis. Check with the local building department for specific requirements, as regulations can vary based on the size and location of the sauna.

What type of maintenance is required for an outdoor sauna?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the interior, checking and cleaning the heater, and ensuring proper ventilation. It’s also important to inspect and treat the wood exterior to protect against the elements.

BW Custom Sauna Stories

We’ve build some amazing sauna projects for some amazing people in great locations. Here are some of our most inspiring stories and showcase projects. 

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