8x12 Backyard Sauna

Grand Custom

Grand Island fits this backyard sauna well. The main island of Pictured Rocks, this sauna brings ample space for groups, as well as the option to include a changing /cool down room for those winter sessions. 

What goes into our Backyard Sauna

Maintenance Free Siding This is the outer layer of the structure. It’s a fully waterproof, maintenance free siding options, and is available in many different colors/styles.
Top Quality Wood Fire or Electric Stove You get to choose if you prefer the convenience of electric or authentic experience of wood fire.
8 Layer Design to Bring Quality Heat & longevity All our saunas include 8 layers of weathering, heat burier, insulation and structural elements that come together to give you a sauna that keeps the outside elements out, inside heat in and water vapor breathable to create a long lasting generational sauna.

Crane Dropped Delivery Option We offer to deliver and set your sauna wherever you live, and we mean it! We have experience lifting and dropping our units in the most tight of corners to ensure our customer get the best view their property offers.

Dream List

How Do you want to Sauna?

Ask yourself, how would you describe your perfect sauna session? Is there a shower, cold plunge? Maybe a nice seated area to relax and cool off between sessions? We take your vision and bring it into a list of features and options.

Bringing the Superior Sauna
Experience together

Backyard Sauna Details

  • Maintenance free metal siding/roofing
  • Wood stove
  • Off grid package with solar
  • Metal heat shields behind/under stove
  • 1×4 Cedar T&G STK on walls/ceiling
  • 2×4 Cedar benches STK
  • Floor drain
  • Non- slip, waterproof vinyl flooring
  • Full insulated (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Mono pitch roof
  • Custom wood exterior door w/ window
  • Trailer lighting
  • Intake and exhaust venting
  • 4’W x 2’H tempered window in hot room
  • Dimmable LED tape lighting underneath top bench
  • Dimmable LED Can lighting
  • Exterior LED light
  • 24 exterior siding color choices
  • Exterior door customizations
  • Wood stove selections
  • Sloped floor in sauna
  • Exterior shower hookup
  • Cold plunge tank
  • Wood box option
  • Changing room option
  • Window sizing/location
  • Wall paneling selections
  • And many, many more!
  • ** We offer full customization of all our units, give us a call today to learn more!



We are here for you. Let’s chat over a coffee if you’re in the Duluth area. If not, we are always available by phone to explore together what a custom sauna could look like for your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backyard Sauna

How do I choose the right size outdoor sauna for my backyard?

Consider the available space, how many people you want to accommodate, and how you plan to use the sauna. Compact models are great for small spaces, while larger models are better for entertaining guests or family use.

Are outdoor saunas suitable for all seasons in Minnesota?

Yes, outdoor saunas are designed to withstand the harsh Minnesota winters and can be used year-round. They provide a warm retreat in winter and a relaxing cool-down area during summer.

Can I install a backyard sauna by myself, or do I need professional help?

While some sauna kits are designed for DIY installation, it is often recommended to use professional services to ensure it is installed safely and complies with local building codes, especially in Minnesota where weather conditions can affect installation.

Do I need a permit to install an outdoor sauna in Minneapolis?

Yes, a building permit is typically required for outdoor sauna installations in Minneapolis. Check with the local building department for specific requirements, as regulations can vary based on the size and location of the sauna.

What type of maintenance is required for an outdoor sauna?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the interior, checking and cleaning the heater, and ensuring proper ventilation. It’s also important to inspect and treat the wood exterior to protect against the elements.


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