8 Ft Mobile Sauna

Surfing & Sauna on Lake Superior

There are some combinations that bring out the best in both worlds. The chills of the great lake and extreme surfing combined with the relaxation of the hot 8 ft mobile sauna steam is a combination made in heaven. 

Private outdoor 8 ft mobile sauna in Minneapolis !

Where the Vision Began

8 ft mobile Sauna is about Contrast

We wanted a sauna that could go where we love to be. On the great lake, we surf in some of the coldest waters in the sport. The frost beards are no joke.

Minnesota area, 8 ft mobile sauna at Lake Superior !

A pair made in heaven

The Sauna is a corner stone of recovery, as well as rebalancing your body after very cold extreme sports. The great Lake Superior sees its best waves in the spring and the fall, when temperatures drop and winds pick up. But, when you are wet and 40 minutes from the nearest shower, where do you go to get warm fast? That’s where the BW 8 ft mobile sauna  comes in handy. Offering a place where you can quickly warm up and recover. 

The best saunas on the market

BW Mobile Saunas are build with the highest quality in mind. We are unique in two essential ways. 

First we ensure all our saunas are build on metal frames to ensure they can withstand rough roads. No more babying your sauna or worrying of the frame will crack on the next bump.

Lasting Custom Service

We stand behind this sauna for as long as it lasts. If anything goes wrong, damage happens and maintenance needs to be done.

Want to design out your sauna?

Design Process

Our in-depth design process allows you to see what your custom sauna will look like before the first board is cut. 

American Made Saunas

The 6.5x10 Stationary

Our 8 x 10 Custom Sauna Build provides ample space for those who want to enjoy saunas with family or friends. 

  • Maintenance free metal exterior
  • Electric Stove or Wood Stove
  • Custom wood doors w/ windows
  • Picture window
  • STK cedar 1×4 T&G interior
  • Floor drain in hot room
  • Fully Insulated
  • STK cedar benches
  • Intake and Exhaust venting
  • Waterproof, non-slip vinyl flooring
8 ft Mobile sauna transportation in Minnesota !

American Made Saunas

Get inspired by our recent custom builds

Sauna FAQs

Saunas should be large enough to fit as many people as you feel want to go at the same time. Remember, BW saunas are expected to last decades, so it’s good to plan ahead. 

Consider not just how many people a sauna CAN fit, but how much space you prefer to have inside. 

Wood fire offers a great authentic experience. When run hot, it can put out more heat allowing for faster recovery after pouring water. 

Electric, brings ease of use, and even remote starting to the table. This option is great, for low maintenance options. 

Yes, saunas can add value to a property. In addition to their health benefits, a sauna is seen as a luxury feature that can increase a property’s appeal to potential buyers. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a property that has a sauna, especially if it is a high-quality one that is well-maintained.

Our process from start to finish will average 3 months from first call to delivery. This can vary depending on season, complexity and location.