Taking Your Sauna session to the next level

Saunas Can Be Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Fun

Sauna is about taking advantage of the tradition, while bringing it back to home and making it your own. Your personal routine and culture may change.

Taking time to prepare for the heat

Before you Sauna

Being Mindful

Take time, before your first session to breath. Sauna is all about slowing things down and bringing our awareness back to our bodies, the sensations and feelings around us and allowing our full body to listen and be present. This doesn’t come easy for many of us. You might have a lot on your mind such as work, family, goals and plans. Try your best to set those down one by one, at the door before starting.

Have a herbal tea 

Hydration is a big part about Sauna. Herbal teas offer a way to enjoy something new. Make sure to avoid caffeinated teas or coffee. 

DSC04524 1 Cup of hot drink on the table


Hit the Showers 

Take a quick shower with warm (not hot) water to allow your skin to soften up and the pours to open while getting rid of some of the oils that build up over the day. 

Cold Hydrate 

Take some cold drink with you to refresh and hydrate before the first session.

Enjoying your Sauna time

How many Sauna sessions should you take?

Though you can take as many as you like. It is most common to take 3 sessions with increasing heat and humidity each time. This ensures that you don’t put excess stress on your body and end the sauna experience truly refreshed.

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bring your sauna experience to the next level

Start Your Sauna Session


session one

Dry warm up

10-minute warm up session

Step inside your preheated sauna for a 10-minute warm up session. This session is traditionally done dry, without adding steam or water.

Step outside and shower off. You can take some time here to drink water or tea. This time is usually spent in good conversation. Allow the topics to stay light and away from stressful topics such as work or politics. If you’re outside, enjoy the fire or view you have.


session two

heat things up

8-12 minute session

This session should include water onto the hot rocks. This method can be done in small gradual pours. Some might look for a more intense feeling where a full ladle will be poured at once on the rocks.

You can also use a traditional branch made of tree twigs to gently beat the skin. This is usually done with one person laying down on a towel, while the other takes a bunch of branches in each hand (after being soaked) and lightly or hard beats down the back to the feet. This is quite shocking at first. But is thought to help reduce muscle aches and soften skin.

Exit and wash your body thoroughly; cool down again with a glass of water and light conversation.


session three

Deep heat and ice

10-15 minute session

Re-enter the sauna for your final visit of approximately 10-15 minutes or as long as you wish.

Leaving this time, you can take a dive into a cold spring, snow or cold pool. If you have available, a drop bucket filled with spring water this can work as well.


As You Finish your sauna time

Take time by the fire or around a table. Relax, enjoy a small snack of crackers or dried fruit with some tea. Do this as long as you like until fully rested.

Once you have stopped sweating, you can dry off, dress and complete your Sauna.

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