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The design of our Mobile Saunas are made to last, combining quality steel with a multilayered insulated design all built with genuine Duluth craftsmanship. Our love of sauna can be felt in every detail you find. From our passion to yours, our mission is to see people and community brought together through the wonderful experience saunas bring.
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A mobile sauna that is every bit the custom handcrafted quality of a home or backyard sauna, just with wheels.

BW Sauna brings decades of craftsmanship together to work with you at every stage of the process. We're passionate about bringing to life that sauna that you dream of. The relaxing corner in your backyard, cabin or even robust portable saunas on the go. Let's grab a coffee and explore your options.

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Material Matters

Mobile Saunas with Authentic Quality Materials

The materials you choose to build with is one of the most important decisions to make. Understanding in person the feel, texture and even smells; it's the details that make a sauna authentically yours. We walk through every material selection with you, with quality option to fit your needs and budget.


Step 4: Functional Design

True Custom mobile Sauna Design

Creating a custom mobile sauna includes every area of the build. It’s not just about a big window, or a fancy stove. We go through every detail to ensure all your function and esthetic needs are met. This results in you getting your own personalized portable sauna.

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strong and barely controllable emotion.

Outdoor sauna experience, Sauna to go on the nature !

Mobile Custom Saunas For Life

Meeting you where your passion lives

Mobile saunas are about providing a sauna space where you want to be. 

For some, that means experiencing the calm, fire-lit warmth of their mobile sauna on the superior shores of some of the most brutal freezing waters in the world. 

For others it might mean sharing a peaceful evening at the cabin lake with life long friends. Complimenting the peaceful summer dew. 

Where would you go?  

Our Base Mobile Sauna Models

Huron 8ft

The nimble and agile Huron is here as the entry-level outdoor mobile sauna. At 8ft, it fits nicely inside your garage or can be tucked away in your backyard.
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Ontario 10ft

The robustness of a full sized sauna, with the agility for finding that special place. Our 10ft custom portable sauna is ready to be your oasis.
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Superior 12ft

A balanced portable sauna for those who want the full experience. Comes with a cool down changing room and the best in handcrafted custom quality.
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Gooseberry 14ft

The robustness of a full sized sauna, with the agility for finding that special place. Our 14ft, is our flagship custom mobile sauna.
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Outdoor Mobile Sauna in Duluth Minnesota !
Custom 8 ft Mobile Sauna on the lake side in Duluth Minnesota ! Saunas in Minnesota !

Why Mobile is Right for You

A sauna that can truly do both. Offering Lifetime quality of home saunas combined with the flexibility of mobile.

We've cast the vision, your sauna awaits. We hope you find inspiration, to go out, adventure and see this great country God has given us. Give us a call anytime and we'd be happy to find a model that fits your needs.

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Download Your BW 2024 Catalog

When you start exploring what a custom sauna could look like, you might already have that exact idea in mind: that perfect finish with a wide panorama window. Or something more true to its history, humbly nestled in the lakeside corner. Either way, we hope this catalog offers inspiration for your journey