8x10 Backyard Cabin Sauna

Backyard Home Sauna in Duluth for the Woods

That Minnesota fresh mossy morning air you get when you are out at the cabin. This backyard sauna brought the family so much joy to be able to enjoy the peace this sauna brings, right in the nature of their backwoods. 

Outdoor Sauna builders in Minneapolis MN!

Where the Vision Began

backyard Saunas bring lasting connections

Take out the chatter of the city, notification, the errands of life and you find yourself in-tune with where you are. That is the heart of why we wanted our sauna as connected to the nature around us as possible. This sauna project brought us to the backwoods of northern Duluth, where the client wanted something natural, unpretentious, yet build with lasting solid quality.

Backyard Sauna Interior !

A welcoming design

We look to match the sauna to the place and people it will be built for. This means, choosing material that feel right where they will be. Pine siding brings an incredible natural, rustic warmth to this design. Complimented by the red accents reminiscent of the rule homey feel the great midwest brings.

Generational Quality

The Duluth Minnesota weather will not forgive sloppy craftsmanship. For this climate, no corners can be cut. That is why with a seven layer design, proper weathering, water sealing and ventilation this backyard sauna is designed the future generations to enjoy. 

Lasting Custom Service

We stand behind this sauna for as long as it lasts. If anything goes wrong, damage happens and maintenance needs to be done. We stand behind our product with you.

Bringing your Dream to life

Immersive Design Process

Our in-depth design process allows you to see what your custom backyard sauna will look like before the first board is cut. 

What's Your Dream Sauna?

American Made Backyard sauna

The 8x10 Stationary

Our 8 x 10 Custom Sauna Build provides ample space for those who want to enjoy saunas with family or friends. 

  • Maintenance free metal exterior
  • Electric Stove or Wood Stove
  • Custom wood doors w/ windows
  • Picture window
  • STK cedar 1×4 T&G interior
  • Floor drain in hot room
  • Fully Insulated
  • STK cedar benches
  • Intake and Exhaust venting
  • Waterproof, non-slip vinyl flooring
Sauna Builders making an Outdoor Sauna in Duluth MN !

Our BW Custom Sauna Process

Working with BW Sauna Co.


Our custom sauna builders gather your vision, help inspire ideas and possibilities of what your sauna will be. 


There are a lot of options out there. From the hight of the seats to custom tile work. Each sauna we make bring something uniquely you. 


We work with quality people, and ensure we use the best material available. Built by a team that truly cares.


We stand behind our product. If you have questions or issue that may arise over the years, we are available to help.  

Step 2: Dream List

How Do you want to Sauna?

Ask yourself, how would you describe your perfect sauna session? Is there a shower, cold plunge? Maybe a nice seated area to relax and cool off between sessions? We take your vision and create a list of features and options that fit your life.

I'm looking for a sauna that has...

Step 4: Functional Design

True Custom Sauna Design

Creating a custom sauna includes every area of the build. It’s not just about a big window, or a fancy stove. We go through every detail to ensure all your function and esthetic needs are met. This results in you getting your own personalized backyard or mobile home sauna.

What's Your Dream Sauna?

Download Your BW 2024 Catalog

When you start exploring what a custom sauna could look like, you might already have that exact idea in mind: that perfect finish with a wide panorama window. Or something more true to its history, humbly nestled in the lakeside corner. Either way, we hope this catalog offers inspiration for your journey

American Made Backyard Sauna

Get inspired by our recent custom builds

Sauna FAQs

Saunas should be large enough to fit as many people as you feel want to go at the same time. Remember, BW saunas are expected to last decades, so it’s good to plan ahead. 

Consider not just how many people a sauna CAN fit, but how much space you prefer to have inside. 

Wood fire offers a great authentic experience. When run hot, it can put out more heat allowing for faster recovery after pouring water. 

Electric, brings ease of use, and even remote starting to the table. This option is great, for low maintenance options. 

Yes, saunas can add value to a property. In addition to their health benefits, a sauna is seen as a luxury feature that can increase a property’s appeal to potential buyers. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a property that has a sauna, especially if it is a high-quality one that is well-maintained.

Our process from start to finish will average 3 months from first call to delivery. This can vary depending on season, complexity and location. 

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