BW Sauna Rentals in Duluth

An unforgettable nordic sauna experience brought right to your doorstep.

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Day Sauna Rental

Invite your friends and family over for a luxury sauna delivered right to your door for the full day. Sauna as much as you’d like all day. We’re just a call away! 


Weekend Rental

Sauna for the whole weekend! We’ll deliver your mobile sauna on Friday 5 pm evening till Monday 11 am. We’ll provide everything you need for a full weekend of relaxation and wellness. 


Week Rental

You get an entire full week packed with a sauna. Take a vacation to your cabin, and we’ll provide your custom sauna,  ready to go when you show up. Perfect for groups. 

In some of the coldest surfing in the world, BW pulled through with on-sight delivery to our outpost bringing a deep heat that warmed our souls after battling the lake.

Bringing Your Sauna Experience Closer

BW’s mission is to bring the sauna experience to the people who build the cities we live in.

Your mobile sauna rental includes free delivery within 10 miles from our location, which is Duluth, Minnesota. We also provide delivery options for you if your destination is farther than that. More information you can find on the rental options pages or you always can contact us and we will happily answer your questions.

BW Sauna Rentals

What does Sauna rental include?

In addition to free delivery within 10 miles from our location, the rental also includes firewood, kindling, matches, 3 freshwater buckets, a sauna water bucket, and a ladle. However, sauna delivery is a unique process, and we understand that you might have more questions, so we will be happy to chat and answer all of them.