Bring The Sauna Experience
On Your Next Adventure!

For thousands of years, Saunas have brought people and communities together. Now you can bring your Duluth custom sauna wherever you go. Whether on the evening summer beach, in the cold woods of Minnesota, or by the backyard fireplace, BW Saunas are made to meet you where your life is.

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"Hand Crafted Is At The Heart of What We Do"

We are here to introduce the perfect mobile sauna that can take you to your favorite spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Featuring a durable winch-down trailer-built system and solar lighting, our mobile saunas are perfect for enhancing your morning or evening outdoor adventure. Our mobile business model allows you to unwind and relax, elevating your outdoor experience.



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Customized to Perfection

At BW Sauna CO. LLC, we offer a wide range of customizations and features to make your sauna truly special, ranging from size and shape to materials and accessories. We use only the finest materials to craft each sauna to perfection, ensuring durability, comfort, and style. Whether you're looking for a mobile sauna to take on the go or an in-home sauna for ultimate relaxation, we can help you create the perfect solution. Our saunas are even prescribed by medical practitioners as treatment or therapy for certain medical conditions.

Learn more about our customized sauna options, and let us help you design the perfect oasis of wellness for your home or on-the-go adventure.

BW Sauna co. LLC

The Ultimate Sauna Solution, Handcrafted in Duluth, MN

Looking for a unique and personalized sauna experience? At BW Sauna our custom-built saunas is the perfect solution for you. Crafted to perfection in Duluth, MN, our saunas are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our expert team specializes in building mobile, stationary, and in-home saunas, with a wide range of models to choose from or the option to fully customize. We also offer sauna design and high-quality sauna products in house to enhance your sauna experience even further.