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Embodying the American spirit, BW custom saunas are built to bring people together and create lasting memories for generations to come. Whether it’s a cozy home sauna, outdoor sauna, or a mobile sauna, each of our designs offer a space of warmth and relaxation built for your Minneapolis oasis.

What's your Dream Sauna?

We Build Minneapolis Home and Mobile Saunas

At BW, we work to handcraft lifetime quality custom mobile and home saunas to become a cornerstone of homes, lives and culture by elevating the quality, accessibility, and longevity.

Why BW Sauna Co?

Handcrafted in Duluth Minnesota

In a world where everything is bought from large corporations manufacturing parts with the cheapest labor, we wanted to go in another direction. When we set out to build the best handcrafted custom backyard saunas we could in Duluth, Minnesota, we knew it had to start with finding the best people behind every bolt, board, and weld. 

We have the privilege to work with some of the best craftsmen in Minnesota. Fellow Americans who are pushing to keep our economy strong. Those that work with their hands to make a living, making a difference, in small ways and big. The Saunas we build are a lasting testament to these people. 

And with that American spirit, we

Bring Your Minneapolis Sauna To Life


Our custom sauna builders gather your vision, help inspire ideas and possibilities of what your sauna will be. 


There are a lot of options out there. From the hight of the seats to custom tile work. Each sauna we make bring something uniquely you. 


We work with quality people, and ensure we use the best material available. Built by a team that truly cares.


We stand behind our product. If you have questions or issue that may arise over the years, we are available to help.  

Step 1: Let's Capture Your Vision

"We wanted to build a truly custom sauna, unique in design, and something to take advantage of the location"

BW Sauna brings decades of craftsmanship together to work with you at every stage of the process. We're passionate about bringing to life that sauna that you dream of. The relaxing corner in your backyard, cabin or even robust portable saunas on the go. Let's grab a coffee and explore your options.

Book a Free Discovery Call

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Step 2: Dream List

How Do you want to Sauna?

Ask yourself, how would you describe your perfect sauna session? Is there a shower, cold plunge? Maybe a nice seated area to relax and cool off between sessions? We take your vision and create a list of features and options that fit your life.

I'm looking for a sauna that has...

Step 3: Material Selection

Authentic Quality Materials

The materials you choose to build with is one of the most important decisions to make. Understanding in person the feel, texture and even smells; it's the details that make a sauna authentically yours. We walk through every material selection with you, with quality option to fit your needs and budget.


The signature dragon-scale pattern of Thermory Ignite cladding is created by embossing and tinting thermally modified spruce wood. Unlike modern yakisugi, which is often created by hand with a torch, Ignite is produced using a deceptively flame-free process.

The natural warm and rich finish combined with the soft smooth grain of the magnolia give a perfect interior wood finish option. 

No sauna in complete without the amazing qualities of cedar. Working with long grain cedar, a higher quality, provides uninterrupted beauty with the amazing smell and long lasting quality that cedar is known for.  

thermally modified ash decking provides the best natural chemical free decking that can withstand the hard climate of the Superior lakeshore while providing the natural beauty throughout the sauna interior. 

Step 4: Functional Design

True Custom Sauna Design

Creating a custom sauna includes every area of the build. It’s not just about a big window, or a fancy stove. We go through every detail to ensure all your function and esthetic needs are met. This results in you getting your own personalized backyard or mobile home sauna.

What's Your Dream Sauna?

Bringing your Backyard Sauna to life

Immersive Interactive Design Process

Our in-depth design process allows you to see what your custom backyard sauna will look like before the first board is cut. In some cases, we can even bring you interactive level design viewable from your mobile phone. 

Your Home Sauna should tell a story

Story Driven Design

Take yourself to the coldest day on the winter North Shore. The blackness of the night while you look out into the -30 degree air. The waves, never ending voice always heard but not seen. The howling of the winds caught in the jagged shore. Stepping into the dim lit warmth, the fire dancing off the windows reflection.

A Sauna on the cliffs edge of Lake Superior transports you to another world. A humbling peace in the shadow of a giant.

Night Time Superior North Shore near Duluth Minnesota - Custom Cabin Sauna

Mobile Sauna Truly Designed for Heat

Created For Longevity

A quality mobile sauna brings together eight layers of material design to keep in the heat and weather out and moisture-free to leave after you've finished your session, all while bringing out the natural beauty of the unique design.

Our Base Mobile Sauna Models

Our saunas start with a sturdy 2×4 frame, exterior OSBTyvek, and all-weather metal siding. On the inside, we use insulation on all walls, including the floor if elevated. This is followed by an interior metal heat shield, cedar or pine spacers to prevent moisture traps, and the finished cedar

Huron 8ft

The nimble and agile Huron is here as the entry-level outdoor mobile sauna. At 8ft, it fits nicely inside your garage or can be tucked away in your backyard.
See Model

Ontario 10ft

The robustness of a full sized sauna, with the agility for finding that special place. Our 10ft custom portable sauna is ready to be your oasis.
See Model

Superior 12ft

A balanced portable sauna for those who want the full experience. Comes with a cool down changing room and the best in handcrafted custom quality.
See Model

Gooseberry 14ft

The robustness of a full sized sauna, with the agility for finding that special place. Our 14ft, is our flagship custom mobile sauna.
See Model

Mobile Saunas for your next adventure

For thousands of years, saunas were confined to where they were built. Now, in the heart of Minnesota, mobile saunas offer the ability to get your sweat on wherever the road carries you, from a cliff edge to the shores of the great Lake Superior. Our wood-fire saunas are ideal for anything from post-exercise recovery to vacation destinations to extreme cold plunges. The possibilities are truly endless.

Custom Sauna Window View | Backyard Home Sauna

Redefine your Relaxation Space

Handcrafted Quality

You build something extraordinary when you build a custom sauna with BW.  A centerpiece of conversation, a sauna that can unite people and become a cornerstone of your relaxation space. When your sauna is designed especially for you, it means so much more.

We chose steel because it represents the reliability and go-anywhere character of BW Saunas. The last thing you should be thinking about when you enter our saunas is if you damaged the sauna on the road there.

“If your truck can go there, your sauna should too!”

We are about craftsmanship and sourcing quality materials, period: no fluff, no nonsense, just the best possible mobile saunas for sale at a fair price.

Saunas are easy to build to just look good, but water, heat, and steam have a way of separating looks from quality. Some saunas use wood jointing that separates and warps over time. With BW, we bring reinforced jointing and thick wood paneling to ensure your sauna not only feels solid but will keep feeling that way well into its years of use.

“If your truck can go there, your sauna should too!”

-30 degrees out? Some saunas skip out on insulating the floors or giving proper heat-reflecting coverage in the name of price and weight. When heat is the primary purpose of your sauna, heat should be the top priority. Our saunas are made for the cold! We insulate every last inch to ensure your sauna heats up hotter, faster, and in the coldest conditions.

What's Your Dream Sauna?

BW Sauna Co.
Based on 6 reviews
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David KujalaDavid Kujala
19:37 31 Oct 23
BW Sauna built a fantastic sauna in our house. Excellent to work with and a high-quality result.
John PedersonJohn Pederson
14:26 27 Sep 23
As the Founder of the 612 Sauna Society and Co-owner of Stokeyard Outfitters, I've worked with a lot of sauna builders over the years. We ended up partnering with BW because they are the best combination of quality and design and value that I've found. Their saunas are beautiful, built to last a lifetime, and reasonably priced. I've worked with Jayson (the owner) on about a half dozen builds now, he has always been extremely responsive, professional as well as fair and reasonable. I could not recommend BW more strongly. You simply will not find a better value for custom sauna and mobile sauna builds.
19:28 23 Sep 23
Jayson and Brandon at BW are seasoned builders that know how to layout beautiful sauna spaces - for me, on a trailer. I most enjoyed how dedicated to the craft of building they are and they patience to guide me through a final build spec.
Jeremy StolpJeremy Stolp
11:21 23 Sep 23
I had BW Sauna build a custom sauna in our new home and we are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The crew was great to work with and very attentive to detail and did a great job on the sauna and changing room. These folks definitely know sauna's and I would highly recommend them if you are wanting a mobile sauna or a custom sauna!!
Mark FunkeMark Funke
00:22 23 Aug 23
I bought a mobile unit from BW sauna and have nothing but great things to say about working with Jayson and Brandon.The quality of the craftsmanship is 10/10. My clients have been loving the look of the unit and of course the good heat.They also will stand behind their product and service anything that may go wrong. They've driven down from Duluth multiple times to fix electrical issues or install a new solar panel.Would recommend!

Download Your BW 2024 Catalog

When you start exploring what a custom sauna could look like, you might already have that exact idea in mind: that perfect finish with a wide panorama window. Or something more true to its history, humbly nestled in the lakeside corner. Either way, we hope this catalog offers inspiration for your journey

A dream come true

A Lifetime Quality Sauna

The end result of a captivating vision, brought to life. If you have a vision you’d like to see built, give us a call with any questions and we’re more than happy to chat. 

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