6.5x14 Mobile Sauna

Stockton Mobile

Built on a unique frame focused on leading lines and offering an extended presence from the traditional box-on-wheels design. Moving to the interior, the Stockton mobile sauna offers a full premium interior design made from cedar timber.

What goes into our Saunas

Maintenance Free Siding This is the outer layer of the structure. It’s a fully waterproof, maintenance free siding options, and is available in many different colors/styles.
Top Quality Wood Fire or Electric Stove You get to choose if you prefer the convenience of electric or authentic experience of wood fire.

8 Layer Design to Bring Quality Heat & longevity All our saunas include 8 layers of weathering, heat barrier, insulation and structural elements that come together to give you a sauna that keeps the outside elements out, inside heat in and water vapor breathable to create a long lasting generational sauna.

Crane Dropped Delivery Option We offer to deliver and set your sauna wherever you live, and we mean it! We have experience lifting and dropping our units in the most tight of corners to ensure our customer get the best view their property offers.

Custom Sauna Details

  • Maintenance free metal siding/roofing
  • Wood stove
  • Off grid package with solar
  • Metal heat shields behind/under stove
  • 1×4 Cedar T&G STK on walls/ceiling
  • 2×4 Cedar benches STK
  • Floor drain
  • Non- slip, waterproof vinyl flooring
  • Full insulated (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Mono pitch roof
  • Custom wood exterior door w/ window
  • Trailer lighting
  • Intake and exhaust venting
  • 4’W x 2’H tempered window in hot room
  • Dimmable LED tape lighting underneath top bench
  • Dimmable LED Can lighting
  • Exterior LED light
  • 24 exterior siding color choices
  • Exterior door customizations
  • Wood stove selections
  • Sloped floor in sauna
  • Exterior shower hookup
  • Cold plunge tank
  • Wood box option
  • Changing room option
  • Window sizing/location
  • Wall paneling selections
  • And many, many more!
  • ** We offer full customization of all our units, give us a call today to learn more!


Choosing the right mobile sauna

A Sauna That Offers More

What is a mobile sauna and is it really as good as the sauna in my home?

Mobile saunas are fairly new. They have started to gain popularity in the United States with many trailer sauna delivery options. Mobile saunas can be every bit the heat quality of a home sauna.

how long will a mobile sauna last?

Mobile saunas have a wide range of craftsmanship and structural quality. Some factors such as having a steel frame, proper heat shielding and siding make all the difference. Our saunas are designed to last decades if taken care of properly.

Can I build my own mobile sauna?

If you're passionate about building mobile saunas, that makes the both of us. Yes, it is possible to build your own sauna. It does take good planning and patience to truly get the results you envision. Unlike backyard saunas, mobile saunas will require an understanding in metal works for the trailer frame.

Is a custom mobile sauna worth it?

Mobile saunas offer unparalleled ability to get a full relaxation anywhere you wish to go. By the cabin fire or on the ski trip in the rocky mountains. That's what makes mobile so amazing! The biggest benefit of a home sauna is the added value to your property.

What are my heating options?

We find mobile saunas to work best with authentic wood-fired stoves. However, there are gas options, and even electric options if sufficient battery and solar capacity.

How long does it take to build a mobile sauna or home Sauna?

From start to finish we estimate 8 weeks for custom saunas. You can see our shop inventory if we have a sauna prebuilt and ready to order today.


Where would you go?

We are here for you. Let’s chat over a coffee if you’re in the Duluth area. If not, we are always available by phone to explore together what a custom sauna could look like for your life.
What is a mobile sauna?

A mobile sauna is a portable version of the traditional outdoor sauna, designed on a mobile platform with wheels, allowing it to be transported to various locations for use.

How much does a mobile sauna cost?

The cost of mobile saunas typically starts at around $22,500. Depending on the size, features, and customization, prices can reach up to $50,000.

Can a mobile sauna be used in any location?

Mobile saunas can be used in a variety of locations, but it’s important to ensure the site is level and accessible by vehicle. Local regulations regarding use and parking of trailers should also be considered.

How many people can a mobile sauna accommodate?

The capacity of mobile saunas can vary, typically accommodating between 2 to 8 people, depending on the model and design.

What maintenance is required for a portable sauna?

Regular maintenance for a portable sauna includes cleaning the interior, inspecting and cleaning the heater, and checking the integrity of the structure and mobility components.

Are mobile saunas safe to operate?

Yes, mobile saunas are designed with safety in mind. They include features such as proper ventilation, heat-resistant materials, and stable construction to ensure safe operation in various environments.

Can I customize my mobile sauna?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for mobile saunas, including choice of wood, heater type, window placements, and additional features like LED lighting or Bluetooth speakers.

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