Seating interior of a custom backyard sauna

Minneapolis backyards are changing

Minneapolis breaks a sweat with the Home Sauna and Mobile Sauna Boom | Why it matters!

In the post-COVID-19 period, Minneapolis has seen a boom in sauna companies and those who are getting their sweat on. But is this just a fad, or is it resonating with something more profound? This blog digs into the heart of why sauna has become a growing cornerstone of Minnesota culture.

Minneapolis Home Saunas | A Different Market

Minneapolis Sauna Culture Beginning

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly reshaped many aspects of our lives, including how we approach health and wellness. In Minneapolis, one of the most significant emerging trends is the growing culture and demand for home saunas. The Minneapolis home sauna market has seen a remarkable surge as people seek new ways to relax, boost their immune systems, and create personal wellness retreats. This trend reflects a broader movement towards self-care and holistic health, offering residents a convenient and effective means to enhance their physical and mental well-being right in the comfort of their own homes.

After Covid, a lot of us grew to become more considerate of our health. Many of us being personally affected, by this period. In some ways it felt like we are like that one kid everyone knows. The one that gets beat up for a year in elementary school, decides he’s had enough and goes to the gym every day for the rest of his schooling years, driven by the memory of being powerless.

A study in Finland, often regarded as the epicenter of sauna, found that the regulations during the pandemic period caused all public sauna facilities to close down. Over 59% of Fins had either reduced or stopped their bathing altogether. This cased the global demand for personal home saunas to grow rapidly in the 2021 period with the projection of 2025 reaching 4.65 billion industry value.

Saunas are becoming more advanced, more flexible, and more personalized than ever, with saunas playing a very real and active role in personal health and well-being.  It builds our respiratory system up, and when we approach it with the right mindset, it can do wonders for our mental health and mindfulness.

What's Your Dream Sauna?

The Difference Sauna Can Make

Personalized home sauna emerged as the oasis we could consistently come to, night or day no matter how hard life got.

The amazing benefits discovered back when we had 3-meter limits didn't go away when those restrictions were lifted. Rather, the warmth, that refreshing evening sauna has embedded itself into our routines and lives.

Seating interior of a custom backyard sauna
Exterior Home Sauna Entrance Door | For Chicago, Minneapolis & Duluth
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Buying a Home Sauna In Minneapolis MN

An investment into Your Future

As sauna culture has evolved and matured, a new crowd is emerging. ­In the decades past, when you thought of personal backyard saunas, most of us would probably picture the old barrel sauna we saw one time while driving through the suburbs. Maybe a fancy prefab sauna in the wealthy guy’s luxury bathroom.  
Now, we start to see a new breed of saunas. Saunas establish real value to the property, are built to be an extension of the home, built to last along side it. These demanded qualities have inspired companies like us and many others to invest our hard work and craftsmanship into saunas. To bring the American name to the sauna culture. Now we see saunas that you might not even know are there in both cabin locations out in the woods as well as urban environments.

Cool off room for Sauna | Home Sauna in Chicago IL
Interior Seating Home Sauna in Minneapolis that was sold

The project featured in the photos was a city project that centered around quality, modern, and natural look while matching the theme of the house on the property. Here are some of the features included in this build that brought this traditional feel into the modern age.

  • Custom wood shutters
  • Custom siding/roofing to match the existing garage
  • Custom gutters to match
  • Folding table with moveable benches
  • HUUM hive WiFi controlled stove
  • Thermo-Aspen interior
  • Custom grid windows
  • Cleaning supplies storage
  • Sliding benches
  • 3 tier bench system w/ handrail and assist step

We Build Minnesota Home and Mobile Saunas

At BW, we work to handcraft lifetime quality custom mobile and home saunas to become a cornerstone of homes, lives and culture by elevating the quality, accessibility, and longevity.