Bringing Your Vision to Life.

We believe at the start of every sauna experience is a team of passionate craftsman with a heart for quality and pride in the work done. 

Cup of hot drink on the table

Starts over a Coffee

So you're curious? We were too when we started. We start by grabbing a meeting over a coffee where you can ask questions, we'll learn about each other and see if BW is right for you. 

We'll Ask Some Questions Like...

We first start by learning about you, your life style and how you see yourself using your sauna. 

  • What are some of your past experiences with saunas?

  • Do you have a dream location you envision your sauna being? 

  • How would you describe your dress style, rustic or modern? 

  • When you think of Saunas, do you think of calm meditation, or adventurous dives into ice water? 

BW Sauna CO

Then We'll Start Designing A Plan

When you're ready and every detail meets your expectations. We'll begin formal drafts and present a final proposal. 

Finally We Build Your Very Own Custom Sauna!!!

Simple as that! We bring your dream from a coffee, to design to your very own custom Sauna! 


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